Riti di Sicilia
(Sicily, 2016 - ongoing)

Rituals depicts a subjective narrative of the Christian processions taking place in my homeland in Sicily, during the Easter days. I grew up looking at these rituals, the town of Marsala crowded unlike any other day of the year, all impatiently waiting the passage of the long corridor of human theatre playing the Passion of Christ. The fascination for the fall of Jesus carrying his cross has never extinguished, sounds of fear alternate with laughs and amusement. The holy Friday sees the Virgin Mary being carried around for hours no matter the weather conditions, while the nearby town of Trapani hosts the so called Misteri (translated from Sicilian “the professions”) in which groups of men carry overnight heavy statues around the city, coming back in the church at dawn.These rituals deceive the passage of time, they remained the same for centuries, giving the numerous Christians a sense of certainty and community. Yet, my fascination for these Christian rituals lays in the theatricality of the processions that hold and symbolize a core aspect of Sicilian culture. These images offer a glimpse of magic realism about the culture I was born into.

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